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I can't make calls. I can receive calls.

I have dialtone for my phones.

When I try to make a call, I can't.


I have dialtone.

I enter the phone number.

Nothing happens. 


I am able to receive calls.


This is extremely frustrating.



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Re: I can't make calls. I can receive calls.

Good morning. May I ask where you are located. Are you a Business Class customer?


We are working to correct and issues that does include what you describe. 


We will have services restored as quickly as possible and apologize for the 

frustration this is causing for you. 


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Re: I can't make calls. I can receive calls.

Speaking in general, I would also recommend speaking to Tier3/Phone&Internet support over the phone to seek help with making sure:

  • The correct telephone occurence is assigned
  • Any phone # change or port assigned correctly
  • And the modem matches correctly for what we have provisioned for (i.e.: modem swap).


This should be office correctable (our end), meaning with the right employee know-how experience and access to software tools that it can be resolved remotely (over a phone call).  If it was a physical issue with the RJ11 it'd result in no dialtone, or have issues releasing call session and then result in no dialtone.


I don't know of an outage ticket offhand that the forum moderator here might be referencing (they're the paid employee role here, I'm just off-the-clock being helpful), but if that's true they'll be all over that. Outages are a big deal, and affect many customers.


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