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Differences Between TWC and Spectrum International Calling Pans

Dear Spectrum,


I am currently a legacy TWC customer with a Triple Play Package.  I understand the following.


TWC Digital Phone- Offers unlimited calling to all the USA and 34 International Countries including the European Union. The Global Penny Plan allows a penny a minute to about 50 more countries.  Global Penny Plan is $3.95/month.


Spectrum Voice- offers free calls to all of USA and Mexico, but no Global Penny Plan.  $5.00 a month more gives you access to 70 countries.


It seems that legacy TWC Digital Phone gives a better value than Spectrum Voice.  If I stay a TWC legacy customer, will Spectrum still support TWC's Unlimited Calling Plan?  Am I correct that unless you sign up for Spectrum International  Voice for $5.00 more per month , (Requires Spectrum Phone Service)  that no international calls would be discounted?  In other words, there is no free International calling options if you switch to Spectrum Billing.  (Except to Mexico and I think the Virgin Islands.)


Please elaborate on the similarities and differences between each plan.






Re: Differences Between TWC and Spectrum International Calling Pans

If this is true, it is another example of DECEPTIVE advertising!  There is a TWC commercial where 2 husbands are trying to make small talk while their wives are visiting, and they mention the free calls to the 34 countries, including the EU!

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Re: Differences Between TWC and Spectrum International Calling Pans



This is the information per Spectrum's website:




As of February 24, 2017 t,here is information about Unlimited Calling within USA and a few other countries, but nothing about legacy TWC's "Call 34 Countries including the European Union" with TWC Unlimited Calling."  Look down that page,.  Spectrum promotes "International Calling for $5.00 more per month when added to Spectrum's Voice Plan. (To 70 countries.)  However, the Global Penny Plan is nowhere to be found for legacy TWC Customers. Neither are the 34 free countries shown to be included anymore with Spectrum Voice Services.


This leads me to believe that if you switch from legacy TWC Unlimited Calling phone service to Spectrum Phone Service OR move from a TWC Triple Play Package to  a Spectrum Triple Play Package that you will lose TWC's legacy international calling options, including the free 34 international countries option. included with TWC's Unlimited Calling Plan and TWC's Global Penny Plan option?  What about legacy TWC International One Price Phone Plan?  Is that gone?


The poster above is correct. The media TV commercials imply that the free 34 Countries (Including the 29 European Union Countries) with TWC Unlimited Calling  carry over with new or transferred Spectrum Services.  The website contradicts and only provides Spectrun's own $5.00/month with voice service to 70 international countries plan.


This needs to be investigated and clarified for both TWC legacy customers AND new or current Spectrum customers.



Spectrum Employee

Re: Differences Between TWC and Spectrum International Calling Pans

If you keep Legacy TWC Service, you will keep your Legacy TWC Phone plan. If you switch to Spectrum plans, then you receive Spectrum services and what they include/don't include. Spectrum Voice will be available Standalone for $29.99, or $19.99 bundled. The international add-on is $5 additional per month. TWC Phone Standalone is $49.99 without any promotional discounts. Current promotional discount offers TWC Home phone at $19.99. Rates for phone bundled will vary on the bundle.


What has not been discussed however, is what you receive with Spectrum Voice within its $19.99 bundled/$29.99 standalone rates. Spectrum voice INCLUDES at no additional charge:

Voicemail ($3.95 with TWC)

Private Listing, unless specified you do not want it ($1.95-$4.95 based on market for TWC)

Unlimited Directory Assistance ($1.99 per call with TWC)

Taxes and Fees (Additional for TWC, included on Spectrum Voice plans)


There are obviously many other features that are the same/different, however these are the ones that would be additional charges for TWC customers. So bundled Spectrum Voice at $19.99 + $5.00 international calling is $24.99. TWC Home Phone priced at $19.99 + $3.95 Voicemail service is $23.94 + taxes and fees, lets say $1.50+ = $25.44.


So already you save money, and then get additional charged features with TWC absolutely fee, like Directory assistance and Private Listing if you want it. And it includes 70 countries in the International plan, where as TWC included 34 countries. Other countries would either be Full rate, or you pay for an additional international calling plan.


Hopefully I cleared the air a little bit on this one, but if you plan to make International calls, the plan is worthwhile, keeping you close to the same rate you pay now, or even saving you money overall. If you don't plan to make international calls, then the plan is automatically going to save you money if you have it bundled with TV or Internet or both, as TWC and Spectrum Voice are both $19.99, but TWC does not include taxes and fees with that.

I am a Spectrum employee but my posts are my own thoughts and opinions