Daylight savings time

My phone line is not resetting to Daylight savings time.  It's always reset to the current time in the past so why is TimeWarner saying that the problem isn't on their end. Anyone else having this issue? Any resolve?

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Re: Daylight savings time

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As far as I've been able to understand, it's not TWC specifically but the software the system uses that had an issue. There are a few other companies using the same software that also had the issue.


I heard it may be resolved in the next day or two if everything goes well, however no guarantee on that and resetting your modem should correct it once it's fixed if it does not automatically adjust.

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Re: Daylight savings time

We have been experiencing the same problem. I have reset the time but everytime an incoming call comes in the time reverts back to the previous hour. So I take it there is a software problem on TWC's end? It's not a big deal, just petty pickiness. I searched forums to see if anyone else had the same issue. Thanks for the info.

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Re: Daylight savings time

I believe   the time is sent by the Telco Virtual Switch in TWC case for the phone to read, it has to be them.