Can I use my current Phone / Internet Modem for a different VOIP?

I have a Spectrum combination phone / internet modem in my garage.  I have my own wireless router in my office upstairs - (unfortunately without a modem - it was an oversight on my part)


Although I love the phone services, being retired isn't easy - so looking for a way to cut down on cost.  Is it possible to 'cancel' my phone service with Spectrum and use a different vendor, just pick any of them, from Ooma to Magic jack.....the question is....can I connect one of these modems into the Spectrum modem in the garage?  I would then cancel Spectrum and activate the new vendor.


My concept is that if I detach  the phone cord from the jack on the current combo modem in the garage, I should be able to connect another phone modem Device into that jack.  I picture it installing into the current combo modem by Specturm and then attaching the house phone line into THAT modem.  I would call that provider and activate that modem....


In theory, if my wireless modem in my office had a phone jack combination, I'd be able to cancel Spectrum phone service and stick any provider into that phone port  as VOIP only needs an internet connection.  Would I be able to use the modem in the garage the same way?

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Re: Can I use my current Phone / Internet Modem for a different VOIP?

You can use any VOIP phone with your Internet service.  I personnaly use Ooma.  However, I moved from an old-school home phone land line to Ooma, where the pricing moved significantly in my favor.  If you currently subscribe to TWC/Spectrum voice service, you may break your bundle, and the rates for the services you continue to subscribe to may increase.


You will need to connect the VOIP box (in case of the Ooma, the "telo") to your router using an ethernet (RJ45) cable.  The VOIP box will then need to connect to your home phone system (RJ11).  You will not make use of the cable company's "phone connection" on their modem.  You will need to separate your house wiring from their devices.


If you want to port your current phone number to the new service, you will need to set up new service first, and when your new provider initiates service, they will disconnect your phone service with Spectrum / TWC.  If you cancel your phone service with TWC/Spectrum first, you most likely will lose your phone number...


Re: Can I use my current Phone / Internet Modem for a different VOIP?

No, you can't have 2 seperate voip converters, they will have 2 seperate phone numbers. You need to put the one in the garage and use the house wiring

Or put it in the office and use the house wiring. in either case, disconnect the line from the TWC emta modem to isolate the inhouse wiring