OK, who can tell me about the T-stat TWC offers?


 I cannot find didly squat about it, and the CSR's don't know didly.


Is it programable?

Do you have to set up a "Winter" program?

Then set up a "Summer" program?


or set the temps for heat/cool, and they keep them in memory, and all I would have to do is flip the switch in October to Heat, and then end of May for A/C.


I know you can control it from the pad, and phone.   kick the temp up or down.   

I want to program my stat one time.   and then not have to mess with it at all. With the exception of flipping the switch from "heat" to "Cool".




Re: T-Stat

Google the model number of the hvac interface and pull up it's specs...

You are trying to use it for something it wasn't designed for... and will waste energyRobot Mad

If you're all electric and have demand billing, it will increase your electric bill.

 You can't long term program thermostats, they're only good for a 7 day work/ home schedule and have no input for humidity and outside temperature, seasonal variations and to sense human comfort factor...


What you have is a wireless remote controlWoman Frustrated


Re: T-Stat

Program Rules in the IH portal, 


Set one set of rules for "summer" and another for "Winter"


I DO NOT have the "on demand" electricty Meter you spoke of, but I do know of them.  


The ele company charges "X" amount per KW between 7 am, and 10 am, and then another $ amount between 4 pm and 10pm.   or how ever the Ele/Gas company is set up.   (it varys between company, and locality)


if the stat is set correctly, it can be controlled to not come on during the HIGH PEEK DEMAND time and sock every pinney out of your savings.    


I have allready set up the summer temps and times to come on and off and the temps that I want for the summer months'

have set up "Winter rules" but have them "disabled".    (have that rule turned off)


So, To answer My own questionl, YES the t-stats are programable, but they have to be done thru the WWW portal, NOT thru your I phone Android phone.    YES you can change the temp of the stat on the phone.  


Yes, you can bump UP or DOWN the temp of the stat from 100 miles away or 2 feet away on the I Phone/ android app.   BUT one cannot set up the rules to have the stat turn on A/c - Heat 45 minutes AUTOMATICALLY before you get home to either have the house warm/cool when  You arrive home.  


Re: T-Stat

The 2 thermostats that TWC says are compatible are the 2GIG/Radio Thermostat CT-30 (the CT-80 is the updated version and I have no reason to think it won't work either) and the Centralite 3156105 (uuuuuuuugly)

This is according to a CSA that I spoke to, but I did not verify with the equipment the tech had on the truck. Wish I had been thinking about that when they were here one of the 6 times last month.

Re: T-Stat

The stat tha i got installed is a Zigbee HA thermostat, looks like model number 3156105


but possible made by "centralite"


kinda sorta looks like this stat -------->


but mine has actual buttons, not the resessed buttons.