Smoke Detector False Alarm

I just had my system installed about two months ago and already I have had the smoke alarm go off for no reason at all.  This was at 4:21 in the morning!   Monitoring service was not able to cancel the call and the fire department shows up.  I called TWC and said that after spending $2000 on the system and telling the fire department that this was a false alarm at 4:30 in the morning, I had lost confidence in the system and wanted the smoke detector replaced.  I was told by TWC that nothing is wrong with the system, this was a "one off" occurrance and should not happen again.  It's manmade equipment and these things happen.  If it happens again, then call back.  This lackadaisical response did not engender any sense that customer service was any bit concerned about my situation.


I would like to know how frequent does this type of thing occurs.  Anyone else had a smoke detector false alarms?  


Re: Smoke Detector False Alarm

Hello, I really apologize for the false alarm. Can you please forward additional information to our Social Media team at twcable.help@twcable.com, so they can look into this for you?


Thanks for posting!