Outdoor Camera - Useless

We just installed an outdoor camera to record anyone approching front door (about 20 feet from gate). According to the tech installer the camera would capture movement. That night it acutally recorded but nothing appeared on the video.  Called tech support and was told the camera does not have motion detection. I was told to set a rule to record every 5 minutes. I did that and see it is useless. For example video captured 15 second shots of open gate for about 15 minutes but there was no one in the shots. Last video the gate was closed and still no person captured. There is no 24-7 in my area.  I feel like I was duped.  The camera is expensive . Does anyone have a solution to this?


Re: Outdoor Camera - Useless

Is this an "intelligent" home install of some sort?

Is there a video alarm function that allows you to record on a motion detect but not send in an actual alarm?  It may even have a prealarm timer as well that records 30 seconds before motion is detected.

It should have that BUT...

There is a major issue with all outdoor cameras that have internal IR illuminators.

 The IR attracts spiders and bugs, like the chineese stinkbugs that crawl all over the camera's for the warmth and set off the motion detect.

 The only solution is to disconnect the internal IR leds and use an rxternal IR illuminator a foot or 2 away from the camera. Bugs crawl on it and not the camera.

You may need to buy a real DVR and wired camera's, We've used the harbor freight ones, the cables are kinda flimsy and they have internal IR that can be disconnected.  I'd also suggest a motion activated security light.





Re: Outdoor Camera - Useless

The Standard camera is touted as indoor/outdoor, but the reality is that it is not weatherproof and will fail within a month if you place it outdoors.  by rain or cold temperature, this will not work outdoors. My installer suggested it should not be installed outdoors, and after I did, it failed within a few weeks, even protected from the rain.  TWC did replace it, but it should be more weatherproof from the start.


I would love to see some alternative hardware that can be configured with IntellegentHome.  The standard stuff is old technology and in need of serious updates.  With all of the connected home devices out there, only a selct few bless devices can be used with IH.


Please update your arsenal of devices with some good weatherproof, HD cameras, more lighting options (VUE), and anything else you could update.  Also check the pricing of available components commercially and get in step with the going prices, or make it easier to integrate third-party devices into your infrastructure.. The off the shelf security components at Best Buy are years ahead of what is being offered IH customers.