Other compatible hubs

My contract is almost up with Intelligent Home and I'm not sure if I want to stay with them.  I am looking into just buying a hub instead of monthly fee monitoring.  I have 2 outdoor cameras, thermostat,  and 2 door alarms. Does anyone know if this equipment will work with a Smartthings hub or Alexa? I really want something that has a garage door feature and I know you can buy one for both of those without a monthly fee.


Re: Other compatible hubs

What's the point of having an alarm system if there's no monitoring? If you're not home and someone breaks in do you expect the burglar to call you?


Re: Other compatible hubs

Maybe he is not looking for an Alarm System Bill. I have Z-wave switches, sensor, locks, and CCTV. Alexa controlled and no monthly fees. I was looking around for a new hub to control my cable box or see if Spectrum will add Alexa support.