Netgear Powerline Nano 200 (adapter XAV2101) connectivity issues


I recently had to disconnect my entire network and relocate my equipment to a more stable surface.  I have a TWC IH network that includes internet and security.

During the install, the main IH pad and camera had poor connectivity via wi-fi, so a Netgear powerline nano was added which helped connectivity.  All has been well until this move.   When I put everything back, the Powerline  LED is off.   (The Power LED and Ethernet LED are lit and functioning).

According to the manual, this means that it is not finding its other powerline device using the same encryption key.

This particular device resets the encryption key with a simple push of a button located on the side of the device.  It is possible I hit that during reinstall.  So, I went through the process of resetting the device to factory default (as recommended) and resetting the encryption key. 

The devices still will not talk to each other unless I put them in the same room.  To test, I moved the devices to the same room and they do communicate.  However, if I put the device back on the IH console, I lose that connectivity.  

So... my question is, does the IH console require that it generate an encryption key for the devices?  If so, any clue as to how I would set that up on the IH console?

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Re: Netgear Powerline Nano 200 (adapter XAV2101) connectivity issues

That's not the issue, you have electrical wiring that's not going to support data on the lines.

Only proper solution is to RUN AN ETHER NET CABLE.... sorry

try a wireless connection on a locked channel, not scan

there is a wireless AP/ user node combo that heas decent range


Re: Netgear Powerline Nano 200 (adapter XAV2101) connectivity issues

Hi MsRaye,


Before reading your note, I tried contacting support for IH to troubleshoot, but no one even knew what the device was.  They ended up scheduling support to come out.


Today, the  technician replaced the PowerLine devices thinking they had become defective.  Same issue persisted with the new devices.

 Because it had "been a while" since he had worked with IH, we worked on this together as I remain (decently) knowlegeable about my entire home network. 


I proved to him that the old (and new) PL devices would work in the same room, however,  moving the console back to its orginal place, we would lose connectivity.  We narrowed it down to the actual electrical socket.  Once that was solved, we then made sure that the PL devices were communicating even in separate rooms without any devices between them (process of elimination obviously).


With that info, we were able to determine that the IH Console was the device that was not connecting.  We discovered that the console was set to connect via Wi-fi, not ethernet (essentially, the Powerline acts like an extension of ethernet).  Once he programmed it for ethernet,  connectivity remained constant.


It is working now, connections are stable thus far.


One thing that is still stuck in my head is that prior to this, the Console was set to use WiFi and worked great.    So I keep asking myself what changed?  The only thing that comes to mind is that my IH Neatgear Router was moved to a shelf that is approximately 2 feet lower.


The other question I have is that NOW that my IH console is set for ethernet, doesn't that mean that I lose my ability to connect via wifi should the cellular signal fail? 


So in response to your comment about using ethernet.... I would wonder why.  The console system is designed to be Wifi + Cellular.    Running an ethernet cable from the Console to the router was not an option for me, because of the distance across my home,  so the PL seems to make the most sense.   That being said, I don't see the advantage of killing off the  wifi since that would stop my ability to login in via my phone/ipad to connect to the security system.