Motion sensors for Camera

   Anybody install a Motion sensor for your outdoor camera?  Time Warner sales says no problem but the installer came out and said he could not do it as the alarm would go off. Couldn't I disable the Motion sensor and make a rule to record when they sensed motion?

  I experimented with doing this and made a rule when i walk by my indoor motion sensor record front camera and it worked great.

   The cameras as they are are really worthless if they don't record;


                     Thanks Dale


Re: Motion sensors for Camera

You need to remove the internal IR led's and use an external IP emitter several feet away.

At night bugs and spiders swarm the camera's with internal IR led's and of course, set off any motion alarms.


Also, fog...



Re: Motion sensors for Camera

You sure can.  I have seen them setup just like that,  so when ups or someone delivers they get a text and a picture/video.   24/7 recording is in the works also.


Re: Motion sensors for Camera

  I thought i could install them. I think my installer just didnt understand the software for the system.