Motion Detection Capability within Cameras

Am I to understand that the Indoor/Outdoor cameras that come with the IH system do not have motion detection capability within them.  So, in other words, if I want to set up my camera to record someone at my front door I have to install a separate motion detector?


Re: Motion Detection Capability within Cameras

It's actually an insect/ spider problem. Any of the cameras that have internal IR illuminators attract spiders and they crawl all over the cameras at night, build webs and trip off the alarms whereas the passive IR motion detectors don't transmit any IR light and are ignored.

What I do is remove the cameras internal IR and use an external IR illuminator a few feet away, The spiders and bugs crawl all over the light and ignore the cameras.

When it get's cold out, the bugs are also attracted to the heat and even a camera without an IR emitter gets warm and they are attracted to the heat.