LED on Lower Left of TouchScreen



I contacted TWC to ask about the small LED that is present on the Technicolor TAC203 display.   It is undocumented in the iControl Quick Start Guide


The 1/8" circular LED located about 1" from the bottom and about 1/2" in from the left has been observed displaying multiple colors including blue, green, amber and purple.


A helpful TWC IH customer service representative made several attempts to answer the question, but was unable to find any reference to the LED I was referring to.


Does anyone here know what the purpose of the LED is and what each color indicates?








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Re: LED on Lower Left of TouchScreen

Blue/Purple is when the system is starting up, rebooting.

Red is Armed

Green is Disarmed

Yellow is when something, a door or window, is open or not yet ready to arm.


Generally you would only see the blue/purple in a flash then gone.

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Re: LED on Lower Left of TouchScreen

Hello JuliaR:


Thanks for the prompt reply.


Good information to have.