Intelligent Home Internet Requirement

Is TWC/Spectrum interent service still required to use IH. Since the IH system has it's own cable modem and router, is the customer still required to keep TWC/Spectrum internet service??



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Re: Intelligent Home Internet Requirement

Who do you expect to monitor, administer and repair it as well as bill you monthly?

If you had it totally under your control, you wouldn't need a modem and router from them..

Unknown if Spectrum will drop support on it , It's only a very small part of TWC's business.



Re: Intelligent Home Internet Requirement

Ms.Raye, where do you get your information from?

Re: Intelligent Home Internet Requirement

If you don't have the administration password to it how do you expect to use it on a different IP carrier?

Much of the Zigbee based hardware can be reused but it needs to be reset & reprogrammed. I believe the master keypad/controller is TWC specific though.




Re: Intelligent Home Internet Requirement

Please stop disseminating incorrect information. You are not even close to answering my question. What I asked was, why do I need TWC internet service for my home, when IH uses its own modem connected to the TWC network. It is NOT connected to my customer owned modem and router. This is a service question, not a technical question. I would prefer an answer from someone at TWC/Spectrum that knows what I am talking about. That's why I pay them $40 a month for IH.
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Re: Intelligent Home Internet Requirement

@rdw622 At this time it is still a requirement for you to have Internet service with us 

if you wish to keep your Intelligent Home services.


Support for your Intelligent Home services will continue as usual. If there 

should be any changes to the service you will be notified prior to that change.


Please let us know if there is anything we can help with.


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