How to pair a camera

I had a camera get wet outside and die.  I bought a couple new ones on eBay.  Can anyone tell me exactly how to pair them with my system?  They are the exact same ones like I have.....the I Camera 1000.  Thanks.


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Contact the intelligent home support people. Only they have access to the system to add or delete devices.



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Ok. I hope this helps everyone. The tech just configurd my camera and I watched this to share so you dont need a tech to come out to pair a new camera. They did replace the camera for free and I had already bought two of them on Ebay for like $20.

Anyway, here are the steps to pair a camera if you need to:
1) Plug in new camera into the router with the white cord that also plugs into a/c power. This is how you power up the camera.
2) After two lights light up on the camera, press the reset buttom on the back of the camera for 30 seconds then release.
3) Go to your control panel and under settings, go to camera, then "add a camera". (if you already had 6 of them, you need to delete one first).
4) Follow the prompts and the camera will be there. You can rename it in the panel also.
Hope that helps and glad to give back...


Re: How to pair a camera

Just tried this and it worked for me! Thank you!!

Re: How to pair a camera

Which cameras are you able to pair like which brands are compatible with the intelligent home?