Camera Compatability

Hello  I currently have three of the TWC supplied cameras. I am not really impressed witht them . I have noticed that there have been posts mentioning the use of  cameras from several other vendors.  Can anyone shed some light on what cameras are out there that will work with our systems .




thanks in advance 




Spectrum Employee

Re: Camera Compatability

My understanding of IntelligentHome (I don't work in that department but I do have the system) is that in some situations we can "take over" an existing security system, however, when trying to add new equipment to an existing system, it would have to come from us, or be of the same model we use if you purchase from another retailer. 


What you can possibly do, since IntelligentHome itself doesn't really need the cameras to function (if an intruder comes into view of your camera, no alerts are made until they attempt to get past a door/window or other sensor), you may just want to invest in your own camera + dvr system. You can customize that setup a bit more, and the only real downside is that you would have to use a different program/website to monitor the cameras as you would for monitoring your sensors. As far as devices working within the IntelligentHome portal, I'm about 90% certain it has to be a device from us.

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