Alarm Panel uses AT&T for backup and I have no coverage

Has anyone else found that the AT&T service in their area is non existant and therefore the emergency backup does not work, cannot work.  If so was the situation mitigated in anyway?   Is there a way to connect a verizon USB dongle to the panel for backup?  The install tech (nice guy) said there is no fix.  


It is not comforting to find that if my TWC network drops my alarm panel is useless.  I would hope some concession can be made here?

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Re: Alarm Panel uses AT&T for backup and I have no coverage

Just had 2 customers cancel TWC phone service because the state fire marshal will not certify fire alarm systems because TWC has been installing the phone modems without batter backup and many neighborhoods like mine have no batteries in the 90 volt hard line power supplies.

 In other words, no line supervision that with normal metalic pairs, the loss of 48 volts sets off a local trouble alarm and would switch to a second line.

 AT&T 4G lte also uses some of the 700 mhz channels that if leaked into TWC modems that also use them, more intermittents and service degradation/ loss and resets.


Bottom line, without a reliable secondary backup (and a microcell goes dead with TWC loss) the alarm can't be UL certified.

 You need to call twc and get your money back if they can't change providers or put the 4G radio module in a higher location.




Re: Alarm Panel uses AT&T for backup and I have no coverage

Not sure I follow the 4G 700mhz leakage?  (I work for a large network equipment MFG). My cable modem is on a UPS.  As far as moving to another alarm company that will not happen as the contract terms and conditions are at best draconian.  In doing some research the things some of the other large alarm companies have done to their customers makes me wonder if it is even legal.  The way you wrote this sounds like you are with a TWC competitor?  


So for me something is better than nothing but I would like the backup to work.