24/7 discontinued?

I got a letter about 24/7 recording no longer being available (something to do with the recording company not living up to their obligations) anyhow I have 3 cameras 2 outside and one inside and the whole reason I paid for the cameras was to have recording of anything that happened outside. How do I get these to record if there's movement (I. E if somebody breaks into a shed out back and the camera senses the movement)?? Before we moved into this house the previous owner had breakins and this is the whole reason we got cameras now they're pretty well useless unless we're psychic.

Re: 24/7 discontinued?


Well exactly right, this is literally a slap in the face to anyone who has purchased a camera and set it up for 24/7 playback and they know it!

When you set up a cam for 24/7 playback, it doesn't need any other event to trigger the camera, as it WAS recording 24/7.

So they say, just create a new rule to activate the camera. With what? Oh I see... now to keep this previously useful and functional device useful and functional, I will need to purchase a couple motion detectors, so it can actually do SOMETHING besides sit there! Time Warner just rendered the device USELESS as they pulled the 24/7 recording off the service! With that feature, it records 24/7. (VERY USEFUL) without the feature, it does nothing and likely has no other device to trigger recording, as that was NEVER a concern or issue when the 24/7 camera was first purchased and installed!

What company retards and cripples their service? What company pulls features off their systems? What company screws their customers, over home security systems no less! We made a big mistake to trust them, a big mistake to let them merge.

So are they going to give all motion detectors so our 24/7 cams can actually work? That would be nice except I doubt the will do that. The motion detectors don't work outside and then you will possibly run into the completely imbecilic and moronic "500 picture daily quota"!

After 500 pictures, your system shuts down till 12:01 AM the next day and only then does your new "500 picture daily quota" begin again.

I thought that was the most stupid thing Time warner could ever come up with and that was a comfort but pulling the 24/7 service and turning every 24/7 camera ever bought into a useless brick has exceeded that!

Pretty sure I'm out, I put in 4 Blink cameras because I just didn't trust Time Warner. The Blink system works pretty well, I would recommend you try it or anything else out because once a company starts dismantling services and features, from a HOME SECURITY system no less, they just proved they don't give a **bleep** about you, not even a little.


Re: 24/7 discontinued?

im glad im not the only one upset over this. after i bought the first two cameras and it took so long to get 24/7 because supposedly the part was "backlogged" even though i was assured when i bought the cameras we'd also be getting 24/7 recording the same day it took over 3 months or more to get it and other than watching wildlife the cameras were useless until then. so i got the 24/7 and now after maybe 4 months TWC switched to spectrum and viola no more 24/7. this is the whole reason i bought the outside cameras because i wanted evidence if our house was vandalized or something outside was stolen. now i cant even set any kind of rules for the cameras (only the one indoors if i want it to take a picture when theres motion from the motion sensor blah blah blah) the whole reason i went with IH is because they offered the 24/7 recording (plus i already had TV and planned on bundling the internet with it for the IH). in my opinion its a total waste all the money we spent on 3 cameras now because as i said unless we're psychic we wont know who or what had done what. in my opinion they need to get another 24/7 company or whatever and give us what we all bought this equipment for. also ive been told over and over these cameras dont work with other providers so i pretty much wasted money i could've used being on a budget each month.