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why did email storage drop when I put internet account on sesional

I put my internet account on sesional hold and to find out my email account storage was dropped. what the heck. I think  it's time to find another provide. miss TWC so much they were great.

A message was sent to you that was returned to the sender(bounced) because it would have caused your mailbox quota to be exceeded. The following is the reason that the message was over quota: Quota Type: bytes in the mailbox Quota Available: 0 Total Quota: 1024000000 The following is the information on the message that was bounced: Sender: MySA <> Subject: Report: Texas Tech student accused of fatally shooting officer is from S.A. area Size: 38033 Message ID: 9ca18238-adb6-11e7-9fa0-d9580c6499db Date: Tue Oct 10 12:29:04 2017 Reply-To: [No Reply-To] The message was bounced from the following folder: INBOX To fix this problem, delete some messages from your mailbox, and contact the sender to resend the message. If the size of the message is too big, contact the sender to reduce the size of the message and resend the message.



Re: why did email storage drop when I put internet account on sesional

Good afternoon. I am sorry you had not been made aware that the allotted storage

would change when being put on seasonal hold.


This also happened with the legacy email for seasonal hold. If you would like

to use an email client like Outlook or Thunderbird you can download the email

to be stored locally on your computer and delete the emails from the server

which would relieve the quota issue.


Spectrum-Social Media Customer Care