Rookie web page broken on firefox browser


I have a windows 10 system running both the firefox and chrome browsers. 


The web site for remote email is broken for firefox but not for chrome.  On chrome, the old TWC logo has been replaced by the Spectrum logo.  When the page is displayed on Firefox, the whole area is blank, including the "Get Mail" box and all the others in that row. 


I assume no one has bothered to debug this with the latest version of Fiefox?  58.0 (64 bit).  I have tried empyting the browser cache and a few other things with no success.


Can someone else verify this problem, and if it is not just a local problem for me, perhaps let me know if and when it will be fixed?



Bill Fenlason


Re: web page broken on firefox browser

Good morning Ben.


We can certainly submit this for investigation. I do see that Firefox shows as

a  supported browser. Did this first start happening when Firefox updated?


If you will contact us via PM with some additional information we can get started.


Thank you for your participation in the forums.



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Re: web page broken on firefox browser

I'm not sure I understand "contact us via PM" ?

Proven Sharer

Re: web page broken on firefox browser

The most recent Firefox version 58.0 just released on Tuesday, Jan 23.  Spectrum obviously had no advance opportunity (or obligation) to test on Mozilla's constantly changing code.  However, I am running FF 58.0 x64 and do not see any display problem on this forum.  I immediately land on the log-in page with the Spectrum logo displayed at top left. 

Lead Moderator

Re: web page broken on firefox browser

Hi @billfen


I am sorry to have used jargon. PM is just short for private message.


You can click Here so that you can send us a message. 




Julia R.
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Proven Sharer

Re: web page broken on firefox browser

FURTHER UPDATE:  FF 58.0.1 just came out this morning.  The official "What's New says: 

  • Security fix

  • When using certain non-default security policies on Windows (for example with Windows Defender Exploit Protection or Webroot security products), Firefox 58.0 would fail to load pages (bug 1433065).

The implication is that Ben's local computer installation has been modifed to use a non-standard Windows security policy.