The email transition is happening in my area right now.  I am unable to access any previous folders nor am I unable to access emails in my inbox past the first page.  This has nothing to do with my computer as I've attempted it on a different computer and get the same.  After my IT person and I spoke with two different customer service people I've been told that "I'll just have to wait until the transition is complete" .   That seems very unacceptable as I need access to past emails.  This is now going on week 4 of unavailability.  

Can anyone please provide me with an answer regarding the length of time it will take to have my files back and regular access????


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@pjendusa wrote: is ridiculously slow!!!!

I recommend switching to a non-ISP (Web-based) email.  Get one Ad Blocker for all your browsers, more than one will conflict, and use Yahoo Mail, Gmail, or More modern than Spectrum Email, and you will have the webmail service for the rest of your life.  Not to mention free Office Suites with Gmail (Google Drive) and (Office Online.)  Really nice cloud-based file sharing and great integration as well!


Use Ad Block Plus for each of your web browsers if you don't already have an ad blocker.





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Good morning.


Please contact us directly. I would like to have this looked into further.


If you will PM us at @Forums_help we can get that started. 



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Re: transition

The Old TWC E-Mail design was better due to navigation and folder switching navigation with only text and images loaded.


The New Spectrum E-Mail design change is after Charter bought TWC and Brighthouse from 2016. While this design has slow lags in folder page navigation due to using some sort of loading bars (which didn't exist under the Old TWC E-Mail design), it can be un-comfortable for some users. When Login from a mobile device (phone/ tablet), on the next page, the link must be clicked ("Continue to desktop site").


If that is the case, I suggest using an external e-mail client/app with configuring settings for either POP3 or IMAP (both incoming mail) and SMTP (sending message) and specified port numbers as an alternative. Depending on whether your e-mail is either ""  or  "" which the server names are different. Search online for the proper configuation for the type of e-mail address used.