thunderbird out for over a week

No one at Spectrum can seem to solve the problem that I can't end email. In the end, after

changing all server settings, ports usernames etc etc I still can't send email from Thunderbird and after hours on the phone they finally resort to saying 'call thunderbird'

Well I've had thunderbird for years with TWC and since Spectrum took over it stopped working.

 Nothing on my end was updated:  smtp server is rejecting  my outgoing email and my sub accts email. 

Instead of calling Mozzilla I'm calling NY consumer Affairs to report Spectrums shoddy response and failing to honor their contract to privide email service host.


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Re: thunderbird out for over a week

I am having this problem also, just started today.  Coincidentally (ha) my brother-in-law on the otherside of the country is having this problem also.  In both cases, we have made no changes to settings in Thunderbird or elsewhere, just cannot send email.  Can receive email tho.


Any ideas??

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Re: thunderbird out for over a week

Are you able to send and receive using webmail?


When you view your settings do you have both inbound and outbound server set to


The username should be your full email address (including @domain example


Please ensure your password is your current password, verified by logging in at

Please make sure outbound  port is marked as 587


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What are my incoming and outgoing mail server addresses?


Re: thunderbird out for over a week

I've had this problem since 9-29 ... I can receive emails fine but cannot send ... current error is server timeout.

I talked with Jacob (help line) and went through all the above settings.  Jacob seemed to be very knowledgeable and patient BUT, the POP server (inbound server) was not changed ... it is still;  ...

From the moderators reply, it seems that needs to change also ... does that REALLY make a difference? ... is going away?   Is the "new" inbound server really;

'user name' - ??????


BTW - I can use the webmail just fine ...


and now my wife's email is having similar problems and she is an author who needs email to be up and running 24/7 ... her account is master and mine is a subaccount - if that makes a difference.  Her account just started having problems yesterday -  a week after mine started.



Re: thunderbird out for over a week

I had the same issue.  Julia_R documents a work around, but there is one caveat.   It appears that Spectrum has disabled SSL/TLS connections to the SMTP srevers. So now everything is in the clear Smiley Sad     I  am hoping this is an oversight, rather than a strategy.  Exposing posing your customer's information to the internet wasn't a good strategy for Equifax either (I digress..)


Thunderbird > Tools > Account Settings > Outgoing Server (SMTP) > Edit the Identity (give it a unique name if you have multiples)

  • Server Name:
  • Port: 587
  • Connection security: None
  • Authentication method: Password, transmitted insecurely
  • Username:



Then under Account Settings, > select the account you are interested in

  • Outgoing Server (SMTP) : select the unique name you specified above



Then when you send the first e-mail, expect it to prompt you for your password associated with the e-mail account.


good luck, -mc