rr.com POP server failed (4/13/2018)

The email server I've used with TWC/Spectrum whoever, for years stopped serving messages last night.  Server name cdptpa-ec-vip.email.rr.com aka pop-server.ec.rr.com.   The server itself "pings" but all email retrieval ports, 110, 995, or even port 993  all "time out", so it appears either the MDA daemon has failed or possibly Spectrum has removed mail services from this particular server address.  Mail is retrievable from mail.twc.com, so getting mail is not an issue other than my need to rewrite the configuration that has been working for years (inside the twc network). 


I'm only putting this information here because:

1) Calling for any Internet support with Spectrum is simply too frustrating - restting my modem or checking my computer are NOT the problem.  I've yet to meet a front line support person who has any clue wht "ping" might be (other than a golf club).

2) Spectrum has eliminated ANY method to simply email a question or detailed technical question - from a sysadmin - to someone who might actually understand the question.

3)More an more email to these accounts are being inexplicably "bounced" to outside senders by Spectrum servers, so I'm actually moving off of this useless email platform anyway.


Just thought maybe someone else in this boat may be looking for answers.


Re: rr.com POP server failed

Cue the "stop using Spectrum for email and switch to Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, etc." responses.

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Re: rr.com POP server failed

Good morning. 


We are working to correct an issue with the email service currently and will have

things up and running normally as quickly as possible. In the meantime our IMAP 

servers should function through the 3rd party email programs. 


You can read more about changing to IMAP 


POP and IMAP are two different settings used to access your email account. The IMAP setting allows you to view your emails on multiple devices, while the POP setting means your messages are deleted from the email server once they've been downloaded to a single device.

Note: The IMAP setting is required when configuring your Spectrum email.

Switching from POP to IMAP allows you to transfer existing emails from one email account to another. Follow the instructions below to avoid losing your email messages or folders when switching to IMAP to use Spectrum Email.

Note: Instructions may vary based on the email client you're using.
  1. In your account settings, enable the Leave messages on server option.
  2. Disable Send/Receive in your email client to make sure no new messages are delivered to the POP-enabled mailbox.
  3. Create an IMAP-enabled account for your email address within the same email client. Instructions on how to do this should be available from your email provider.
  4. Delete your POP mailbox account from the email client.
  5. Create a storage or data folder (Outlook calls these PST), then drag and drop the messages and/or folders you wish to keep into the new folder.
  6. After you've transferred your emails/folders, you can delete your POP mailbox.

You can review email server settings and set up instructions here: 

Email Setup & Help


Our apologies for the frustration this has caused.


If you are looking for an online method to reach support you can contact

our Social Media Customer Care team on Facebook and on Twitter.


Twitter: @Ask_Spectrum
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Spectrum


Thank you for your participation in the forums!


Julia R.
Spectrum-Social Media Customer Care
Lead Moderator-Community Forums


Re: rr.com POP server failed

I have the exact same problem that started overnight, POP email accounts to Spectrum will not receive email from any device (MacOs, Windows, IOS) it looks like IMAP is working.


Re: rr.com POP server failed

As I said - switching to a different SERVER fixed the problem, it's not a protocol problem.  IMAP has it's uses, just not for my present situation. Why Spectrum can't provide load-balancing with auto-fail-over for email service on the internal network, I cannot understand.  Makes your TV commercials claiming "advanced technical capbabilities" completely laughable


No thanks for "Social media support", where I would still face the spectre of complete lack of technical ability to either answer complex questions or the allowance to be passed on to someone who does.

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Re: rr.com POP server failed (4/13/2018)

Same here.  I decided to switch from POP3 to IMAP as a result. I can get my android phone sending and receiving on IMAP.  My PC sends, but does not receive.  I have tried the various conflicting recommendations on Spectrum's website. One says use port 143, another says 993.  143 seems to be accepted by Outlook but doesn't receive any email ever.  993 generates an error message.  I called the "Support" person and she said "I am not very familiar with email", so Spectrum support sucks!!