"The email address or password is incorrect. "

So the other night I was checking my email after I got home from work and all was fine.  I tried checking it again a few hours later before I went to bed to see if an email I was waiting for had warrives and got the message "The email address or password is incorrect. "   I thought it was odd and maybe just a server issue, so I slept on it thinking it would be fine the next day.


Three days later I am STILL getting this message.  How can I be getting this when my address and password are stored in my browser settings?   The password reset tool doesn't work, it keeps timing out, and I have never in my life had to try finding my routers NAME as a security measure.


How can I fix this when Spectrums systems keep timing out trying to fix it?

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Re: "The email address or password is incorrect. "

Same problem here. Does your email address end with
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Re: "The email address or password is incorrect. "

There is a known issue with the email and passwords at this time. 


if you will visit  for a password reset.


If you are still not able to access your email please contact support 



Twitter: @Ask_Spectrum





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