password never recognized

all day I get messages that interrupt me that my email password is incorrect; however it is correct. If I put in the correct one, it says not reconized. I'm so tired of this. It is not in just one box. Sometimes two at a time. Sometimes roderunner, sumtimes aol, or others. I've called, it never gets corrected, how come? I usually ignore the message and cancel it and eventually it goes away and corrects. But later on it comes back. Meanwhile my email does receive and send far as I can tell. 

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Re: password never recognized

I am sorry to hear you are having problems.


So that we understand. you are having problems with your email password?

You mentioned that you are having this issue with Roadrunner, AOL and sometimes

others? Do you use an email program that pulls them all into one place?


Our password would not have any bearing on AOL or other email providers.


Can you describe the issue in a bit more depth please?


Julia R.
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