mail2web.com - please share good and bad experiences

mail2web.com has been recommended for use in place of mail.twc.com when we are outside the USA. Last month I had a bad experience - 1/3 of composed emails and replies were sent and 2/3 resulted in timeouts or error messages without saving a draft. I am using an Amazon Fire tablet with their Silk browser, and was on wifi nets in multiple places in Europe.

Please share your good or bad experiences with mail2web, including device and browser types, so that I and others can learn what works and what does not work. Thank you.


Re: mail2web.com - please share good and bad experiences

LOL Spectrum webmail just plain sucks. It is the slowest mail server I hav e ever encountered. I had to research how to empty my inbox folder because my options are limited for blocking. So my mailbox is full but to free upo the space, its the biggest pain in the you know what. I went to manage folders and hit the inbox icon and for 15 minutes I am still waiting on the folder to get empty. What a joke.