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email from triad.rr.com being blocked

Any email sent from users at triad.rr.com to anybody @wellsfargo.com is being blocked.


I contacted Wells Fargo and they explained that it is being blocked due to large amounts of spam from triad.rr.com, and encouraged me to notify Time Warner/Spectrum.


Phone call for support at Time Warner resulted in being told it's not their problem either, and there was nothing to be done.  After pressing and asking to escalate, I was finally told to send an email to 'outbound-support@postmaster.rr.com'


We'll see what happens.

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Re: email from triad.rr.com being blocked

You would want to contact the company having trouble sending mail to Road Runner accounts as it is their server that is being blocked from sending to us.

They need to have their webmaster contact us at delivery-support@postmaster.rr.com





If they need the website, or if you would like to peruse the website,

is  http://security.rr.com/support_request


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