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100% agree. I'm sick of how slow the email is and has always been. I barely hit 1% capacity so how full the email is is a non issue. For this we get price increase after price increase.

@danreese wrote:

Solved??   Are you kidding me?

This is  NOT solved.  This has been a problem with your system for years - Time Warner and now Paragon.

The "solution" is to use the current system:

  • Log on - it if works - WAIT --- WAIT
  • Finally logs on. -- select whatever you want - as long as it's not over 25 --- WAIT  WAIT
  • Select delete (as long as it's not more than 25) - hit delete --- WAIT   WAIT
  • Once you spent your time deleting - select deleted mail -- WAIT   WAIT  WAIT
  • Select the "deleted mail" you want to delete -- hit "delete"  WAIT  WAIT WAIT

The process and amount of timing required is outrageous.  This does not reflect a company looking of customer satisfaction - this has been going on for YEARS

I suggest Paragon put this at some priority -- right now it's priority ZERO -- if they put the effort they put on billing into this -- it would be solved by close of business today



Re: Web Mail Slow As Ever

I have to agree 100000% with everything said here.   Well..not everything.  The "solution" presented by the moderator has zero to do with the solution.


TWC servers have been slow for me since I joined them in 2012.  Not because I wanted TWC as I knew full well about their reputation for "customer service", but because there was literally no other carrier in my area.


Years ago, I would opwn the webmail server and have to wait a bit for it to load.  Now....I click on my webmail, go cook dinner, watch some TV, and run a few matches in an online game and the server STILL hasn't loaded yet, or continuously loads partially.   


  • Time of day has no bearing on it as they tried telling me once as I couldn't get into my mail at 2am just as i couldsn't at 2 pm. 
  • Capacity means zilch to getting it to open.   Had a completely empty Inbox once, nothing in trash or anywhere else, and it STILL had issues loading.
  • Deleting an email is apparently only a suggestion to the servers as it is virtually a Hurculean labor to get something to actually delete.
  • Need to search for an email somewhere....good luck.   Better odds of having a nice fireside chat and cup of tea with the Almighty, He who shall not be named, and the Easter Bunny at the same time than you will getting a search to complete.


It's not 100% TWC's fault though since the "rr" in their email addressed stands for Road Runner, who is to be honest, WORSE than TWC (if that is possible).  But one would think for a company as big as TWC, and who gouges its customers in pricing the way they do, that they could afford to provide the best emal servers to their customers.


But then I remember this IS TWC we are talking about...


Re: Web Mail Slow As Ever

Where is the option to delete once downloaded to outlooK?  Have looked and looked, searched and searched?  Your customer service informed me that it was not possible...I have to delete twice....and also to solve the problem they told me to set up another email account and forward my roadrunner emails to that account....ive been a customer for 17 years and the webmail hasnt changed...you cant tell me the issues could be resolved.....all new customers get perks and price breaks but a 17 year customer, one who has endured all the slow inadequte service is told to get another email account.....


Re: Web Mail Slow As Ever

At quota should just mean no emails...it shouldnt cause the service to slow...otherwise how can you delete emails when the serivces dont perform?