Undeliverable Email

Years ago when I first got Microsoft Outlook, I set it up for my email to automatically forward  my home email to my email address at work. Now that address is no longer available, everyone who sends me an email gets an error back saying that it was undeliverable. I get their email but they think I don't because of the return error, trying to forward it to the old work address. I first tried to update the email address in Outlook but that didn't solve my problem so I deleted the rule for the forwarding, and that didn't work either. I have Pro Plus 2016.


Do you have anything else I can try? Microsoft was no help at all.


Thx for any help you can give me.


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Re: Undeliverable Email

Make sure not set-up on the WebMail to forward.  From a how-to I wrote a couple days ago to another question:


Set-up email forwarding:

  • Go to the WEBMAIL link (mine is
  • Choose SETTINGS
  • Under "Customize Mailbox Options" you will see "Forward options"
  • You can then enter an email address and choose 'disable', 'forward and keep', or 'forward and iscard' depending on which you want.  You can leave an email address there and disable when you don't want the forward, but can also forward permanently and have it discard (delete) them after forwarding so you mailbox does not fill up.