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Yesterday I changed my password on my TW email account using the web.  Now I started being unable to send via the TW email and then I couldn't receive email either so I went to the web and had TW email send to my google account.  This same thing happened when I was in SC in April.


I talked to some reps and they tried to fix it.  They said the setting on my iPhone and iPad were correct but it still didn't work so they told me to use Verison SMTP but my iPad is wireless only so that was stupid.  Can some one send me exactly goes into the iPad set up for TW email?  TW web says IMAP incoming server is IMAP port 993 but is this what I put in?  And there is no way to set port for incoming server.  I think the problem is on their end.

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Re: Time Warner email

I apologize for any poor experience.  I've provided a link to email support that you may find helpful:   Email Support link


If the issue is not resolved, we encourage you to contact support directly for further assistance.


Please contact us at: 


Re: Time Warner email

A few days I was on phone with 2 techs at different times and spend about 2 hours with them. They said my settings were correct so I needed to call Apple or use Verizon who I use for iPhone and use there SMPT.  They suggested same for iPad but my iPad is wireless only.


Also TW directions for setting up iPhone seems to say that for incoming server I need to put in”-IMAP port:993” but nowhere on iPhone or iPad is there a place to put that. Instead I have the following:

Host Name  mail.twc.com

User Name.  My email address

Password ....

And that’s it.

The email support link is useless.