TWC/Spectrum e-mail servers not connecting to Outlook for POP/SMTP outgoing mail......

Big problems with TWC/Spectrum e-mail/webmail: Since Septemner 18, 2018, TWC/Spectrum servers have been 'bouncing' POP/SMTP account outgoing mail from Outlook (outlook 2010)......cannot send any outgoing mail from POP/SMTP account......realize that there may be some issues if user's devices (laptop, phone etc) are not all 'POP/SMTP' or 'IMAP', but functionality of outgoing mail simply stopped on 9/18/18 and there is no information about it anywhere......migrating data files from POP/SMTP (i.e. for legacy emails) to IMAP is cumbersome and incomplete due to limited storage space on WEBMAIL site (any way to increase this?).....furthermore, TWC/Spectrum's webmail is an intermittent mess: repeated 'pop up' requests for password authentication and the servers are crashing regularly, denyinying users access to webmail entirely.......anyone really know what the heck is going on?! .....(please don't respond if all you want to do is suggest 'moving on' to a new e-mail provider/service!)

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Re: TWC/Spectrum e-mail servers not connecting to Outlook for POP/SMTP outgoing mail......

I'm sorry to hear you are having trouble with using a 3rd party client

with the email. You can change the quota available for your email address.


You would want to login with your head of household/master email account

to do that. 


Login to the Email> Go to the settings > manage mailbox accounts then click on the email you want  to change the quota for.


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Re: TWC/Spectrum e-mail servers not connecting to Outlook for POP/SMTP outgoing mail......

Same problem as tedW:  about the middle of September, my Thunderbird email client ceased being able to email to the SMTP server.   I had two sessions with Spectrum/TWC/Charter tech support.  The first time, no joy - only the usual cycle power, etc. etc.   But the second time, I was connected with a very cooperative technician.  After explaining that my system had been working for years, and that I have decades of experience as a software engineer, and that I had tried everything I could think of, I guess I convinced the technician that I really did have a problem. 


The error message returned from the server to Thunderbird indicated that the SMTP server configuration had changed from earlier in the month, when the SMTP protocol was still working fine.  The Spectrum technician downloaded Thunderbird (the current one, same as my version), and installed it on his machine, with the correct port/security setup, same setup as mine.  And he said he knows that his settings were correct.  But he received the exact return error message as I was receiving.   At the end of his investigation, he indicated to me that Thunderbird is simply incompatible with the current version of SMTP installed on the Spectrum RR servers.  He recommended using WebMail only. 

After recovering from my crestfallen state, I tested a few more email client programs ( e.g., eM Client, Outlook ).  The results were the same.  RR SMTP server only served erroneous messages.


Something has changed in the Spectrum/TWC/Charter "Roadrunner" SMTP servers.   I think they may not be completely compliant with the EHLO verb ( ref. for example).  The extensions didn't seem to be available to the handshake my client was trying to negotiate.


My bottom line is that I will be looking elsewhere for an email server setup.  It appears now that Spectrum is only supporting WebMail.  That is their choice.  Note that my email client works fine with other email services such as gmail and ymail.   Since my email workflow is set up to have on-site storage/archive/access, and on-line webmail isn't an option, I will be migrating to a service that supports my email client.


Re: TWC/Spectrum e-mail servers not connecting to Outlook for POP/SMTP outgoing mail......

Wow. I've tried testing with support for 2 days now. They end up telling me to contact the vendor (microsoft outlook 365) to determine the problem. The RR SMTP server is not complaint with the current rfc. No email client will work on their smtp server. My question is: what if anything is spectrum going to do about it? If you are not going to support email, you need to quit advertising it as a feature. I have wasted far too much time to discover it's your server that's broken.