TWC Email doesn't work with Windstream?

Since last Monday (September 12), my personal and business emails do not work at work.  I normally use Outlook and even tried through the website.  It works fine at home, but at the office I cannot get my emails.  My business email account is setup through  Is this something that is a serious problem?  Is it something with Windstream/TWC?  I'm getting really frustrated and can't conduct business because my email won't work.  Do I need to find a more reliable provider?  Does anyone have any ideas?

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Re: TWC Email doesn't work with Windstream?

Hello, @jbout2bowl.  It is possible the connection at your office is blocking the connecton to our mail servers since you are able to access it at home.  Have you spoken to the IT desk at your office to see if they had any suggestions?


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Re: TWC Email doesn't work with Windstream?

Hi Jeremiah,


We are a small business with no IT desk.  Anyway, no changes had been made and it worked fine since we setup our email account in August until last Monday.  Today I got emails from my account for the first time since last Monday. 

I thought it might be a problem with Windstream since I knew nothing here had changed, but I called TWC first.  The lady told me that just happens sometimes.  She said they were aware of a problem but it was intermittent and they had no estimate on when it would be fixed.  I should just keep checking.  I was really frustrated, but am truly happy it was working today.  I'm now worried about how long it will work.  Hopefully the problem has been resolved.


Thank you so much for responding.  It was much nice to know there is some real Customer Care at TWC.