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Super slow emails to myself

Why do emails with (1) or (10) photos sent to myself,  either never show up or take a few hours to show up?

I use Apple mail.

This is true whether I do this on my desktop or iOS.


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Re: Super slow emails to myself

Im sorry to hear you are having trouble with this.


You are using a Spectrum email, TWC email, iCloud email ? 


Do you have the same experience if you use the 


You should be able to send messages up to 25 MB in size, including email attachments,

Email attachments cannot exceed 20 MB




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Re: Super slow emails to myself

Turn OFF the auto-preview feature on your Apple email, then manually open photos you want to see AFTER the message is completely displayed on screen.   Right now Spectrum email is choking on the numerous .jpg files which are all being sent at the time, along with the message text file.  It is a known issue with Apple email.