Send Receive Error

Outlook 2019 (packaged with Office 2019); Windows 10 Professional with latest update

Starting on 1/30/19 I have been getting a send receive error with this message

Task ' - Sending' reported error (0x800CCC0F) : 'The connection to the server was interrupted. If this problem continues, contact your server administrator or Internet service provider (ISP).  The server responded: 550 5.1.0 ESMTP server not available AUP#O-1070'

I have been receiving messages from various senders with no errors. My wife’s computer has no errors. She has an earlier version of Outlook and Windows 10 Professional. We both have Spectrum as our ISP.

I have done the following:

·       Reset the cable modem

·       Reset the Wi-Fi modem (wife’s computer uses Wi-Fi, mine uses direct cable)

·       Checked IMAP account settings; they are exactly the same as they were before the error

·       Sent test message to my computer--message received  

·       Sent test message to wife’s computer—message received

·       Wife sent message to my computer-- message received

·       Looked at Spectrum server email and it looked normal

·       In desperation, reinstalled Office 2019—error persists

I am baffled by this error, and would appreciate your help.   


Re: Send Receive Error

Usually triggered by actual intermittent connectivity, security (firewall) or timeouts waiting on the server response (anti-virus scan bogging the pricess, lag across the internet, etc.).

Try increasing the server timeout in Outlook first. If that doesn't address it, can try momentarily disabling security software/devices one by one to see if one of them is tripping it up, then you can look into addressing that particular angle.

Haven't used Outlook in ages (Office2k), so just summarizing from another's post about it:

To get to Outlook server timeout settings, go to File/Account Settings, Change/More Settings (should see Email Settings), click the Advanced Tab, and then adjust the Server Timeout setting.

Re: Send Receive Error

Thanks for the reply.


I didn't list it in my original post, but I did try disabling all firewalls. I didn't have much hope for this since my wife's computer has the same firewalls and she doesn't have this problem.


I doubled the server timeouts from one minute to two minutes to no avail.


I can live with this problem since my email is otherwise working correctly--I can send and receive emails. However, I would really like to find the cause and fix the problem




Re: Send Receive Error Solution

I deleted the Outlook data file and replaced it with new Outlook generated data file. This fixed the problem.


Re: Send Receive Error Solution

I have had this problem with outlook in the past and the only thing that worked is what you did. Delete the IMAP data file and start a new one. Apparently it gets corrupted somehow.

Re: Send Receive Error Solution

I am glad you found the solution. Since I don't understand all of the functions of a data file, I don't know why replacing it fixed the problem. However, since I had tried everthing else I and some others could think of, I tried it. For me, a lucky victory but I'll take it.