Saving my mom’s emails after she died

I’m posting here after many exhausting attempts at finding help from Spectrum phone support, store support and roadrunner phone support (which seems to be outsourced off shore).

My mom passed on Mother’s Day this year, so it’s been 4 months. Her email was with roadrunner. I do NOT want to lose access to her email bc there are still people who do not know of her passing and send her emails. Plus, there are old emails in her acct I don’t want to lose access to. She was my best friend, and living with me when she died, so her computer is at my house. I do still have access but only bc I’m paying to keep internet active at her house - which has been empty for almost a year (she didn’t want to sell it before she died). Spectrum said that’s the only way to keep access to her email...by paying for internet service monthly. Forwarding to another email will only work while the orig email is active. We discontinue internet - we lose her email.

The house is now for sale and we will soon stop the internet service...is there a way to download her existing email files/history before I lose access to them forever? I’m so afraid of needing to know something about her life that I can’t find out bc it’s in an email I can’t get to ever again.

Roadrunner support said there’s no way to save her old emails. They were rude and so unhelpful. I don’t know who else to ask.

Does anyone here know? Thank you for any help. I SO wish she had used an email acct that was not tied to internet!

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Tough situation and I feel for you. I went through the same thing about 10 years ago.


I think your only option is to forward all the emails and contacts you want to save to the new email account. It may take a while to do this though...especially if you have 1000's of emails to save...and I'm not sure if you can do this in bulk or one by one with Spectrum email.


You can also set up an auto reply message to all incoming emails advising them of the new email address to use to stay in contact with you. I would set this up today just to give the auto reply the maximum time to hit everyone before it is cut off.


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Thank you. Such a pain...one by one saving emails.
I’ve had aol since the Internet was born and I never thought I’d say they’re better than anyone - but they do have a PFC (personal filing cabinet) option where you can download your entire inbox / outbox to a file. Wish roadrunner had that!!

Thank you very much for taking the time to reply! I will def do an auto reply.

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Could also setup a local client like Thunderbird (sort of a Mozilla/Firefox email browser) and set it up so it downloads all emails locally. Forget the terminology... in Microsoft Outlook it used to say something bout saving emails in PST or OST files. This would give you locally cached access to all the emails.

Would likely need to export her contacts though. On the contacts page, click on "More", then "Export All". This should drop a vcard.vcf file into your Downloads folder that you can use to import all the contacts into an email browser.

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Thank you! I’ll try to dissect what you wrote line by line in the next few days.
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@Vminvpca wrote:
Thank you! I’ll try to dissect what you wrote line by line in the next few days.

Sorry for your loss!


Unfortunately, as others mentioned, I think all you can do is forward the Road Runner accounts to an existing Webmail provider such as Yahoo Mail, Gmail, or Outlook.com.

In researching this topic online, I came across an old method from the TWC days of how to transfer Roadrunner emails to a Webmail account:  Have a look here:




Spectrum has updated the GUI interface for legacy TWC Roadrunner.  As I do not have Roadrunner email/ Spectrum Email,, a Community Peer or Spectrum Moderator might be able to provide a URL with transfer steps using the more modern interface.  But the process overall SHOULD be about the same.


How long does Spectrum allow their ISP email user log in experience to be inactive?  The answer to this question will determine how much time the OP has to transfer his Mother's emails to a new WebMail account.


Someone using Spectrum email currently should be able to provide a more up-to-date explanation for this sad situation.






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have you tried taking over the account, I forgot if you transferred account to you from your mother