RoadRunner Webmail application cannot be accessed from India

I am a long time Time Warner and RoadRunner customer from Ohio who travels to India once or twice a year. I have always been able to use the RoadRunner webmail application (https:\\ On my current trip, I am no longer able to access webmail. I called Spectrum customer service and was informed that Spectrum blocks access to the certain ISP's in India. Of course, they could not give me a list of ISP's who are allowed. I am using Airtel, one of the largest ISP's in India. Apparently, these changes have happened after the TWC - Spectrum merger. As a result, I have no access to email during my trip. I suppose I just have to switch to gmail or yahoo as suggested on other posts. I wonder why Spectrum did not notify customers of this change. This sucks.

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Re: RoadRunner Webmail application cannot be accessed from India

We have not supported email out of the US for many years., this is not a new policy. That being said there were some IP addresses/service providers that did have access.  


Many customers use programs such as for accessing email while traveling.


Our apologies for your frustration with this. 


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Re: RoadRunner Webmail application cannot be accessed from India

This is a miracle but somehow, webmail is working today from India. Nothing has changed on my side. Hopefully, it will continue to work rest of my trip. Thank You Julia for your response.

Re: RoadRunner Webmail application cannot be accessed from India

I am having the same problem in Florence, Italy. I have never had a problem accessing email anywhere in Europe, but your "chat" service advised that Spectrum does not support emails overseas. Then the person asked for sensitive information so my email could be "unblocked".


Really??? I'm not giving passwords out over the web so you can unblock my webmail.


I'm in Italy for a while yet, but I guess I'll need to look for other options when I return. Especially since you quit supporting 3rd party email access providers like Thunderbird. You did this to me just a couple days before I left for Italy, and even your technician that came out to "fix" the problem didn't know that you no longer support certain email companies.


We have been with TWC for many years - at home and on multiple rental properties. We were expecting that Spectrum would make improvements - but obviously that's not happening. If this can't get resolved, we'll have to make a change.