Ridiculous security for email

I can not find a place to send this thought anywhere on the site , so I will post here.


To whom it may concern,


A few weeks ago I received a number of Mailer Daemon messages referring to email addresses I did not recognize. I went to the Spectrum email login site, marked the messages for deletion and reporting as spam. Since I never heard from you regarding these messages, I went to the Spectrum Self Care site and discovered that someone had added four (4) users to my account that I did not authorize. I marked them to be deleted. Weeks later, they still have not been deleted.


Somewhere along the time frame, someone in your office decided to stop my chosen password from allowing me access to my account. The idea that you took the opportunity to change my email password without alerting me is beyond ridiculous.


I would like to have some explanation of why I had to go through this exercise in idiocy and why no one can explain how the users were added to my account.


Further, I think your idea of password security is less than stellar. Your restrictions are quite insecure, in fact. I am limited to eight (8) characters and can use only numbers and letters. On most secure sites I visit (which is often), the requirements are “no less than eight (8) characters (often they suggest more are better). In addition to numbers and letters they allow #*&$! To be used. Even signing in to the main Spectrum site uses these requirements. So, why not the email accounts?


Don’t you think Spectrum email should join the more secure groups of the internet?


Trusted Helper

Re: Ridiculous security for email



I have said this for years.  Spectrum, nor any cable provider, was never intended to be an email provider.  They only provide an average solution to below average for email.  I STRONGLY RECOMMEND to stop using Spectrum for an email provider.  Switch to Gmail, Yahoo,  Better security, more up-to-date, an online MS Office functionality included with Gmail (Google Drive) and basic MS Office (Office Online) with and a Microsoft account.  Leave Spectrum to cable TV, phone,and Internet.  Use a web-based email.  You will be able to use it on any computer in the world.  Your email will stay with you for life in this regard.


Overdoing your computer with security can cause more problems than it solves.  I do the following:


  • Have Windows 10 with all updates turned on.
  • Use Windows Defender.  (Greatly improved for Windows 10, especially on builds 1709 and up.)  You only should have one real-time AV or malware blocker installed, more will conflict.
  • Have Ad Block Plus in each web browser.  (More than one Ad Blocker will conflict)
  • Have three forms of data back up.
  • Use common-sense in safe web browsing and file management.