Retrieving email history-folders after Windows 10 upgrade

Does anyone know how to retrieve the Road Runner mail history after the Windows 10 upgrade?  We had created personal folders to save our email messages in , but they are no longer visible.  Fortunately, we are able to access our folders of mail on the RR website. We are able to get the new incoming messages.


Thank you for any assistance.


Re: Retrieving email history-folders after Windows 10 upgrade

What mail software were you previously using? If you were using webmail you would still have your history, so I assume you were using client-side email. Which one?





Re: Retrieving email history-folders after Windows 10 upgrade

Recently got to sync RR email with Windows 10 email app.  This is what I did after a lot of run around with Microsoft!

Microsoft's Level 2 techs suggested getting  RR imap settings for that account, which is basically the info supplied from TWC's help site on email settings  for imap  incoming and out going mail. I did not have to input port numbers as Windows email app didn't have a section to fill for that.

In the Windows 10 mail app, I selected accounts, add accounts, scrolled down to advance settings, and filled out info needed.

Follow directions in RR instructions to guide you in filling out the fields. 

Once that was completed, the account came out in the Windows mail app with the addition of the icon "more" in the "Folders" field.  Under the "more" tab the folders that i wanted to syn  appeared, but there was no saved emails listed until I clicked on the "Syn this view" tab at top of page. Then the sync started and slowly populated the folders.

Hope this helps.