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Problem Using Outgoing TWC Mail Server

I am transitioning from AT&T Internet service to TWC.  I have a couple business E-Mail addresses in the format * and a personal AT&T account in the format *  My business accounts have used the incoming mail server and the AT&T outgoing mail server.  The sbc account uses AT&T servers for both incoming and outgoing.  No matter where I have been, I could successfully send E-Mails.


Today I tried to convert one of the accounts to use the outgoing TMC server,  I followed all the configuration directions for my Outlook 2007 Client.  I made changes to the existing account in Outlook rather than deleting the original and creating a brand new account.  My first unsuccessful attempt at sending an E-Mail indicated that the server did not support the encryption type I had chosen.  I changed from SSL to TLS.  The next attempt got the following message: 

"Send test e-mail message: Cannot send the message. Verify the e-mail address in your account properties. The server responded: 554 From address must match authentication [R0107004]"


I forgot to mention that when I took these steps, I was away from the home TWC network. 


I have a hard time believing that the only Email accounts permitted to use the outgoing TWC servers (when not connected by a local TWC network, at least) are those in the format *  The various configuration settings I have made appear to conform exactly to those required in the TWC support documentation. 


How can I get my three non-TWC E-mail accounts to send through the TWC outgoing server from wherever I am?


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Re: Problem Using Outgoing TWC Mail Server

Unless you are paying Time Warner Cable to "host / forward / manage" your email at your "" addresses, the problem might simply be that the credentials used to logon to the TWC mail server must match the credentials inserted into the email client (sender, Reply to, etc.).  Not an expert, but I would guess TWC policy thinks you are a spammer if you send email the way you are attemptin to.


Do you own the ""  doamin?  If so, who is hosting services for you?  Or was this a feature offered by at&t/sbc, and thus isn't "portable"?


If you are using TWC for internet access, you can still use your "other" email servers, provided you are paying to do so.  Just don't change any settings for your clients.


I've been able to use Thnderbrid to mount the TWC email servers for sending and receiving, as well as my gmail accounts, and several other accounts with different providers...


Set up a dummy twc email account and see if you can send via the TWC servers using your matchign TWC credentials first...

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Re: Problem Using Outgoing TWC Mail Server

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We do not support/allow relay of email. You would need to be using our email in order to send from our SMTP.  



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Re: Problem Using Outgoing TWC Mail Server

I think you need to make sure you are using your TWC email and password to authenticate with the outgoing server in Outlook and then use your business address in the "from" location.  All within Outlook.  Forget all the locations off the top of my head.



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Re: Problem Using Outgoing TWC Mail Server

Thanks to all three of you for the prompt replies.


Hard to believe that hiring TWC as my home ISP doesn't include support for pre-existing E-mail addresses other than from  One clearcut advantage to AT&T in that respect.  There must be other ways for TMC to combat spam than disadvantaging legitimate customers.  I get almost daily solicitations at home and at the office for TMC Internet and never was the lack of support for pre-existing, non-TMC E-mail accounts mentioned.  Just saying....


Thanks again for your responses.




Re: Problem Using Outgoing TWC Mail Server

So, what you're saying is I have to log onto the TWC website in order to forward email even though I have a vendor email account  from Apple that I use??