Outlook 2013 Does Not Automatically Sync Inbox using IMAP

I am running Outlook 2013 on Windows 7 machine. I have set up my mail account in Outlook to use the IMAP settings provided by TWC:
Incoming Server:

Incoming Port: 143

Outgoing Server:

Outgoing Port: 587


When I first open Outlook, it correctly syncs my inbox and I see my new/unread messages. But then it does not sync the inbox again unless I select a different folder (such as Sent Items or Deleted Items), and then go back to the Inbox. When I do that, I get my new/unread messages. But if I just leave Outlook open on the Inbox all day, it never syncs the Inbox.


This only seems to be a problem with my Road Runner account. I set up my Gmail account in Outlook and it works flawlessly, keeping the inbox synced. Only Road Runner won't sync.


I've been banging my head against a wall for 3 days trying to figure this out. Any suggestions would be welcome.




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Re: Outlook 2013 Does Not Automatically Sync Inbox using IMAP

@IS the email a or is it an ?


It makes me wonder if your email is stored on the Mail 5.0 or Mail 4.0 settings on the server side.


@In my experience, IMAP is preferred for Mail 5.0, POP3 is preferred for Mail 4.0.  All emails are 5.0, but some of the or or @roadrunner (or whatever) emails aren't migrated over for some hubs (due to technicial reasons I believe, but I don't know those reasons, and it doesn't matter as far as you or I should be concerned. It just needs to work properly).

Teh so-called Tier3 department would be your best bet (because of employee training) for discovering which is which, but please be patient because it'll take us a moment to reference which is which and if it's correct and still behaving this way it'll need to go to a ticket (which takes some minutes to fill out the form with all the detail the engineers demand to have up front). Even if the specific Tier3 agent you get on the phone is a new-hire, there are other members on the team that will know what this is about (think of it like an ask-the-audience tool where we can tap into our collective departmental knowledge).  I've worked on issues like this one myself, and if memory serves there's a corporate article referencing what is what for what server hub in what area (that's a lot of what's isn't it? lol)


If you can spare 10-30 minutes of your day, call Tier3, let us help you investigate this in more detail with your actual account & equipment info pulled up in case a ticket needs to be filed. That's my professional suggestion on this anyways, something that you may have not tried, and a bit of insight into process steps to resolve if it's a server-side thing.


Would it be fair to assume going to the webmail verision of (i.e.: typing that in on the URL in an internet browser) works correctly?  You've tried it? Definitely want to make sure that's working correctly, preferrably before calling (so you can say that "yes I can log into and use that just fine, it's just getting it to work with Outlook 2013 my mail client")

TWC doesn't directly support mail client troubleshooting (i.e.: you want to also check with Microsoft's support), but that doesn't mean we can try to assist and check with our servers.  Maybe even check with Microsoft first?

This is a quote from a forum moderator in 2015:

@Twc-MelissaO wrote:

TWC is not responsible for email functionality through a mail client. If the mail is working properly via webmail, the issue lies within the mail client set up or the program itself. It is recommended that you speak with the mail client vendor for further assistance.


My 2 cents is we can help you at least get closer to finding the root cause, if not outright resolving it.


I would love to know what is discovered, if you wouldn't mind sharing by updating this topic Smiley Happy

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Re: Outlook 2013 Does Not Automatically Sync Inbox using IMAP

TW and Outlook are not talking to each other...outlook cannot read ny TW email.   I have spent hours talking to TE, Microsoft, where I have a subscription To office,,  Outlook. willl not connect to theTW server. It has not gotten my email for 2  weeks.  And the caller id on the phone reads latest in3/21. ,!! 


Re: Outlook 2013 Does Not Automatically Sync Inbox using IMAP

Thanks for your response. How exactly do I contact Tier3 support? I worked with someone (obviously not Tier3) for about 45 minutes last week, and they were no help at all.


Recieving mail in Outlook2013 suddenly stopped working



Exact same details for me.


Contacted TWC Support and went around in circles for over an hour!


ANy help or insight would be appreciated.


Re: Outlook 2013 Does Not Automatically Sync Inbox using IMAP

Yes, webmail as well as my personal devices (ipad and iphone) all work fine.  I even see all the 'test' emails from trying different configuration settings.   My email address is and I believe it is an issue on the server side as well.


What is the best way to get to Tier 3 support?  Like others I was on the phone for an hour, asked for escalation but the response was that it is not a TWC issue.


Thanks much for the insight and direction!


Re: Recieving mail in Outlook2013 suddenly stopped working (POP3)

Hi All -- I FINALLY got my email working again with continual trial and error.  First let me preface that I made several attempts to correct so perhaps there is anomolie I've not accounted for, however was pretty amazing once I found these settings by in an obscure article that presto it worked.  As I've been a long time TWC customer, I know I had these (or very simliar settings) which were in place when Outlook 2013 suddenly stopped syncing with my client.  Working with TWC I mentioned this but it was quickly discounted.   NOTE:  my iphone and ipad continued to work just fine.  So here are the settings I used for my account type.  I'm hoping it sticks and isn't a shortlived fix like some others have experienced..... time will tell!


Account Type is POP3

Incoming Mail:   (my domain is NEW so put in

Outgoing Mail.   (again I placed 'new' as my domain)

Port Number - incoming:  110

Port Number - outgoing:  25


Outgoing Server Required Authentication checked.


Hope this helps others.


**********  One additional thing, I found the settings in a small business article in the Houston Chronicle



Re: Recieving mail in Outlook2013 suddenly stopped working (POP3)

plemancik...this is not a solution to the problem I posted about. You are using POP3 for your email client, but this thread is about using IMAP. POP3 actually downloads a copy of the email to your mail client, which is not what I want. I want to use IMAP so that all of my devices stay synced.


Re: Outlook 2013 Does Not Automatically Sync Inbox using IMAP

Wondering if anyone has anything further on this but this is what I foud out today. It is a wide spread  known TWC issue. The engineers and programers are working on it with no known estimate of resolution. From the date stamps on previous posts this has been going on a long time. My problem started after I upgraded from Windows 7 to 8 then 10. Could it be a coincidence? Now in TWC account I have to click off inbox of Outlook 2016 to any other folder then back to inbox to force a sync. I found that if I go to another WEB provider server such as Yahoo, ATT/Bellsouth, or what ever, Outlook syncs automaticly. Same if I use Thunderbird but Thunderbird also will not auto sync with TWC WEB account. Interesting exception is that any mail comming in from will auto sync. No other domain will. Again TWC support says they are fixing it. Stay tuned ..




Re: Outlook 2013 Does Not Automatically Sync Inbox using IMAP

In October I posted a note this thread because TWC then said this was an issue with them and they were working to resolve it. I had an open ticket saying they would contact customers when it was resolved. As nothing happened I called last week and was advised that the ticket was closed as resolved. As it is not with me I asked again for the solution. Tier three said they would get back to me in 24 to 72 hours. Not hearing anything after 96 hours I called again and was told that, that new ticket was closed. Short answer was TWC does not support third party mail applications and I should contact Microsoft. I asked if it was possible to transfer my accounts to another server bank as a possible solution but they said no it is not a TWC problem. Since Two weeks ago I had to replace HD on my computer so I loaded brand new fresh updated copies of Windows 10 and Office 2016 pro. Without a firewall or antivirus installed the problem still exists. I have to click on another folder and back again to INBOX to force an email download. I solved the problem however by opening an account with and now forward all incoming email to my twc account directly to where it downloads automatically to Outlook 2016 instantly. I was hoping for better from TWC/Spectrum. Has anyone actually gotten this thing to work? Meantime I am good to go but it is a disappointment.