Office365 Encrypted emails

My company uses office 365 and has the ability to send encrypted emails. Any emails sent to email addresses are never received. Is there a global block in place to block these emails? How can we get them unblocked.


The encryption method used is Asure RMS using IRM.



Proven Sharer

Re: Office365 Encrypted emails

As I understand it, encrypted email requires two parts.


1.  The public key.  This is the key that locks the email for the intended recipient.  It doesn't require a password, and you can make it available to anyone, but they need to have it to encrypt a message to you.


2.  The private key.   This is the key that unlocks the email, and should only be in the possession of the recipient.


I don't know what you are attempting, but you cannot encrypt an email for an addressee you don't have the public key for.  Your email client will typically not send it if it doesn't have the pubic key.


Are you trying to send an email from your work account to your home account?