Not Receiving Certain Emails

My 2 sisters email me but I don't receive them anywhere. They are using the correct email address. What gives? This began the end of October.

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Re: Not Receiving Certain Emails

Hi Dawter.


Are you using a 3rd party mail client? If you are have you checked webmail? 


Does she get a bounceback? Are you able to email her from the email in question?



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Re: Not Receiving Certain Emails

I have had a problem receiving emails on a "" email account for some time now from my gas company.    Some months ago after a Spectrum email reformatting, these messages appeared.  They were in chronological order but were displayed with send date decades in the future.  A little while later there must have been another change and they vanished again.


What that tells me is that there is a wierd bug in the date field interface between the sender and Spectrum email.   Perhaps this is unrelated to OP's problem, but I thought I would share.


Re: Not Receiving Certain Emails

It turns out I was still using the RoadRunner webmail. I called Spectrum and the gentleman helped me switch to Spectrum webmail.  Somehow in the TW/Spectrum move it blocked about 50 addressess!

Once I got into Spectrum and cleared out the blocked addresses I was good to go.