No longer able to get to email server with Spectrum change

I switched from TWC to Spectrum and was sent a new modem. My wireless router was working fine with the old modem. Since I installed the new modem and replaced it since support suggested it but neither modem will allow me to get to the email server. The connection to my email server is the only thing that seems to not work. If I'm outside my home network I can get to the email servers and get my email. 


After 4 phone calls to support they are blaming my router. I believe there could be a compatibility issue but I don't believe anything needs to be changed on my router. 

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Re: No longer able to get to email server with Spectrum change

Good morning. 

I'm sorry to hear you are having this issue. When you directly connect to the modem with a computer you are able to reach email? You say your email server. You are running your own server or are you meaning something different?


We would first want to take your router out of the situation to try and narrow things down.


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