New Email with the change to Spectrum?

I saw the question was asked a year ago and said it was too soon to tell but now that a year has passed any word on if we will get new email addresses (instead of or whoever the domain is)?  I've had so much trouble with my TWC email I'd like to see a new.



Re: New Email with the change to Spectrum?

As of right now there is no information available as to if/when the email addresses will change or of any changes to the email program. 


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Re: New Email with the change to Spectrum?

You can still get your primary email changed to another TWC (or RR) account.  I would create a secondary for what you want your new primary to be.  You can call and then get them swapped (primary/secondary).  I took my default primary and my wife uses it (we have same first initial) and I created a secondary one for myself and then had them swapped with a phone call.  So, my new email is now my primary email and the original assigned email address is a secondary.  I could kill the secondary at any time and it would be gone.  Or you can keep your original address and just not look at it much.  Turn the spam filter on highest setting too (I actually let all spam come through identified as such since I get a few that should not be marked spam).