My Spectrum Email Account Was Hacked

I hadnt been getting emails for a few days - outgoing was fine - family was fine - mine just wasn't coming in. Fiddled with my email program, reinstalled everything, etc. the program said it was working fine - I just wasn't getting my email.  So I signed into Spectrum to see if there was email on the server - and found someone had hacked my Spectrum email and was forwarding my emails to them.  I guess I'll never know who sent me holiday greetings - and of course there isn't anywhere to report this. 





Re: My Spectrum Email Account Was Hacked

I was hacked too.  I had up to $2000 dollars worth of digital currency stolen from accounts registered under this timewarner cable email address.  If you want security, don't use time warner email accounts.  The company has not upgraded thier email services in over a decade it seems.  Most email services including hotmail nowadays have 2 factor authenitcation built in and linked to your phone number.

It seems the backdoor to you account is in the password reset tool.  While it may ask you the security question, "Who is your favorite Author?"  There is no such security question when you registered for your TWC ID.  This means that whoever knows the answer to that security question can change your password.

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Re: My Spectrum Email Account Was Hacked

@roninmd  The profile management for TWCID is not for the email password, it is for the TWCID password. they do not tie together.  Although you may have used the same password for both the TWCID and your Email they are for separate systems. One the account management portal and the other the email server. 


@jacksch We would be happy to report the issue to management. If you will contact us

directly at Forums_Help with the details, we can get that submitted. 


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