More junkmail

I’ve had roadrunner email for years, I’ve made no recent changes. I use it on multiple different devices - pc, iPhone, iPad, etc. Recently a lot more junkmail has been coming through, stuff that was previously stopped by the server. I checked my settings on the web interface and nothing changed, junk is set to go to junk folder, but it’s still coming through on all devices. Any thoughts on this? Thanks. 


Re: More junkmail

I am not sure you can blame Spectrum for this. I have both Yahoo and Microsoft email accounts and the amount of junk mail has skyrocketed over the last six months or so.  I regularly check my junk mail folder and it used to catch 20 a day.  Now that number is over 200. Some are bound to slip through. I think they threw one of the biggest spammers in the country in jail a while ago and now new people have stepped in to fill the void. The only way to stop this is to catch the spammers and punish them, but that is hard to do. Most of them are in countries that don’t care about the problem.