Mail sub account unable to connect

When opening mac Mail my sub-account has a warning and the Online status box comes on saying it is unable to connect.

This started Monday AM when I tried to send an invoice with the sub account.


After many hours over 3 days I ahve no resolution.

I had remote sessions withh both twc tech and apple tech and the problem remains.

the sub account has been active for 3+ years. the main acct. for over 10.


The mail servers are pop-server... and smtp-server... for both accounts.

These settings are the original setting frm when the acct. were opened
On the FAQ  page I see that it gives the servers both as

This was tried by the tech guy on monday with no positive results.

I am at a loss here.

Any help would be greatly appeciated.

Thanks in advance 


Community Manager

Re: Mail sub account unable to connect



Sorry for the frustration.  Previously, email was able to be sent unauthenticated on port 25 (SMTP).   A recent update requires authentication.  Please ensure that you are using for both incoming and outgoing mail and that  outgoing mail is set to port 587.  Last,  please ensure that the full email address is included in the configuration.   If the issue is not resolved,  we encourage you to contact support directly for further assistance.


Please contact us at: 

Twitter: @Ask_Spectrum


James M. 
Spectrum-Social Media Customer Care