When writing an email using TWC's Web Mail, I cannot use the rich text editor. The message field is inaccessible - meaning the cursor will not go to this field. Instead, there is a small circle with a diagonal line running through it - the internation symbol for "NO" in the top left corner of the message field.  This has been my experience for as long as I can remember. I do not reall ever using rich text in TWC's web mail.


Win 7 x64

IE 11 64

Mozilla Waterfox 64

Firefox 32


I have tried all three browsers, with and without addd-ons. In fact, I tried IE with default settings - all non-default add-ons (add-ons I installed) disabled - with the same result.


Any ideas?






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If the issue is still not resolved, then please contact us directly  1-800-892-4357


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