Log on errors

I just purchased a new Samsung Smartphone and tried to set up my email acct like I had on my old Samsung.  After hours of attempts, reading the forums, Samsung tutorials, and talking with tech support , the only advice I was given was to call Samsung.  Tech support even had me try different ports, but every attempt gave me the error message, 'setup could not finish. Authentication failed.'

Last night it dawned on me it could be my email address.  I've had it for years,  When I try to access my acct from the web, I always get the error message, 'The email address or password is incorrect.'  My address and password are correct!!  Rather than deal with it, I would grab my laptop, iPad, or smartphone and use the link I set up years ago.  Now I need to address the problem before I've replace all my tech and lose all my old links.

Anyone else run into this problem?


Re: Log on errors

I got anxious to resolve this issue so I did a chat with tech support.  It took me longer to type my problem than it did for him to resolve it.  My first contact a couple of days ago was a phone call.  She tried and tried, even having me change ports, but finally told me I would need to call Samsung.  Today, he immediately asked me to reset my password and it worked.  Somewhere, there was an issue with my password and he jumped in and went right to the answer.  I now can login using the web and I got my new phone up and running.