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This morning there were 11 pieces of "junk mail" in my inbox and only 7 messages that I was interested in receiving.  The "junk mail" items are firms selling products (beauty products, insurance, guns, home security, etc).  The quantity of junk mail seems to grow daily and recently I receive more junk mail than mail from friends and associates.


Is there any way to block or reduce the quantity of junk mail?  How do all of the purveyors of junk mail get my email address?  Does Time Warner/Spectrum make money by sending this junk mail (a form of advertising) to its subscribers, and if so is there a way to get them to stop doing it?  



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Re: Junk Mail



I apologize for any poor experience.  I've included a link to email support, where you can find suggestions for managing junk mail.   If you require additional assistance, we encourage you to contact support directly. 


Please contact us at: 


Spectrum-Social Media Customer Care


Re: Junk Mail

I've been complaining about this for a long time, have given up and will soon exit TWC email. First I called customer service, months ago, and was told to send an email to: ( I've probably sent 6-8 emails, nothing has been solved and I have yet to even get an answer from them! My subscribed emails go to junk and junk to inbox, so I told them just to send all email, including junk, to inbox. Does not do any good to send spam to the Report Spam folder nor to have it blocked, willl get a MSG that it's already blocked! I am now getting Junk Mail that is contaminated -- Have sent to Block more than once but no luck.