Is email ever going to work again?

My second email account has had more issues than I can count for months now. I have managed to forward the email from that account to my Gmail account, but it's still frustrating to not be able to access that account from my 3rd party email account and to keep getting the login screen.

 I have no problem with my primary account and I guess I should be grateful for that. Just wondering if it's ever going to work again?


Re: Is email ever going to work again?

ongoing issues since 2013.... and the interconnected/duplicated email accross multiple domains, like Adelphia, WOW, RR, Brighthouse, TWC and now spectrum. 

One solution I've heard is to use a dedicated device for each seperate addy as it doesn't have confused cookies fighting one another.

Another is to scrap McAffee/ norton which were too intrusive. 

 Another is to turn off all portable devices access like smartphones or only lock their access to a single addy.

Best solution is Gmail or Yahoo...




Re: Is email ever going to work again?

I have to Echo MsRaye. Best solution is to use a different provider but I see you appear to be doing that already. Your issue if I understand correctly is that keeps asking you to login with ID &PW. For this and other reasons I opened an account with and forward all incoming email to to it.  Gmail, Yahoo, etc work just as well. I am using Office 2016 with Outlook Plus so stayed with MS to keep everything in one bag and avoid finger pointing on issues; HA!  In it, I simply deleted the account. “Poof” no more logon requests and mail shows up in address. I also added to my iPhone and iPad then deleted the account. Everything syncs fine. I use iCloud for my contacts and calandar and they work fine also.  Don’t know what mail application you are using but should be same for all of them. .. So sad ..


Re: Is email ever going to work again?

I have this same question.

I have been told twicetheir engineers are working on it.I m hesitant to believe it, but they said all their customers are experiencing this trouble.

I told them I want my bill pro-rated. I'm to call back when the issue is resolved, and they will pro-rate it.

I want to get my mail to come through Incredimail, like it has for the last decade.

But right now it's not possible. So I am using Thunderbird email program. Not very happy with it.

I will try gmail and see if that is any better.

Please hurry and get this fixed. It's very annoying.